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Tarot fortune-teller in Munich.

Joelma, clairvoyant, fortune-teller, and oracle, known from AZ and SZ Magazine, offers you esoteric spiritual advice in the areas of business deals, career, success, health, and love.

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The shell game is a divinatory practice of African origin. It uses seashells to make predictions and gain spiritual guidance.

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Rituals, also calling offerings, are intended to establish a connection with spiritual forces, deities or spiritual beings and to offer them something as a sign of veneration, thanks, a request for help or protection.


About me

Clairvoyant, passionate about Spirituality

My name is Joelma, and I'm a psychic and spiritual advisor. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro. My grandmother introduced me to the magic of Umbanda.

​I act as a link between the material and immaterial worlds and can help you in many areas of life through my spiritual gift through fortune-telling.

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Find out more about Joelma and her work as a spiritual advisor in her company Deoya, in an exclusive interview for the ABENDZEITUNG MÜNCHEN, the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MAGAZIN and Brazilian magazines FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO and REVISTA CAMPINAS.


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"Joelma, you're amazing, now I can sleep without any symptoms again. Thank you very much."



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80798 München, Deutschland


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